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A player will lose a spin

The Jokers are regarded as wild and can be used to mark off any number on the column on which the Jokers appear. It also has elements from the classic game show called The Jokers Wild. Apart from the internet gaming version of Slingo, there are versions for PC and cell phones too. Names of some downloadable Slingo games are Slingo Deluxe, Slingo Quest, 5 Card Slingo Deluxe, Slingo Quest Hawaii, etc. In case of appearance of a Devil in the place of a number, the players score is cut in half. These online gaming sites provide different versions of Slingo.

A player will lose a spin if he does not start his spin in his specific time limit. If these numbers are found on the card, they can be marked off. If a player has accumulated Free spins, he can use these free spins instead of fees for these last spins. Some of these are online Slingo games while there are a large number of downloadable games as well. It was developed for the first time in 1995 as a traditional five reel slot machine. The player, who has maximum points at the end of the game, is declared the winner.

Slingo is a very popular Casino game. A large number of websites allow this game to be played online. Some online Slingo games are Slingo Classic, 5 Card Slingo, Mixed Matrix, etc.

The spins have specific time limits.

Since Slingo combines the excitement of slot machines, the fast paced fun of Bingo and the challenge of card games, it enjoys a huge popularity all over the world and is a favorite for any online casino gamer. However, a large number of websites have single player version of the game too. The downloadable version of the game lets a user to play without being online.Slingo is another online gambling game that implements a fusion of Bingo and Slots.

A Joker appearing in the centre column can act as a Super Joker and can be placed anywhere on the board. In a game of Slingo, the last four points must be bought with points. Also, if the player fails to mark off all possible numbers and Jokers in his time limit, those numbers and Jokers are considered to be lost. Apart from the numbers, other special items may show up in the number spots below the cards. Coins and Free spins are other special items in a Slingo game.


Slingo is a multiplayer game. As a result, five numbers appear. However, this version of Slingo does not have any Super Jokers, Multiple Jokers and cherubs. PVC skirting board On the other hand, when a cherub appears, it cancels the effect of the Devil by shooting it with an arrow.

A Devil is another special item that may appear during the course of the game. A handheld electronic Slingo exists too. Coins when they appear, grant automatic points to the players.

In a typical game of Slingo, a user has twenty turns to spin the numbers below his or her own Bingo cards

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