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Caribbean cruises enable you to experience

Azure waters, white sandy beaches, perhaps a cheeky rum punch or two - Caribbean holidays are the stuff of dreams. And a cruise is a great way to see all the best islands in one holiday. Imagine dropping anchor in a new port every day or two to explore another gorgeous beach or experience another island culture. Then hop back on-board at night to enjoy the fabulous facilities and sail on to the next dream destination.

Caribbean cruises enable you to experience the rhythmic, exuberant, yet laidback nature of these islands, as well as a great place to relax in the sun. Delve deeper and youll find that each island has its own traditions and special identity: from deserted white sand beaches and crystal clear waters to lush rainforests and waterfalls, vibrant scenery to colonial history.

The Caribbean, with its sugar-soft beaches, turquoise seas and gently swaying palms, is one of the worlds best-loved holiday destinations. With so many beautiful and diverse islands, there is always somewhere or something new to explore. It really is made for cruise holidays.

As the gentle waves softly caress the shoreline you will find your worries just melting away on a Caribbean cruise. From Grand Anse beach in Grenada, to Cane Garden Bay in Tortola, your picture postcard paradise is never far away. If you have been dreaming of your own secluded island in the sun, the private island of Mayreau is the perfect Robinson Crusoe getaway. Not only PVC skirting board does the sun shine year round, but many of the islands are lush and green.

In addition to the region’s famed beaches there are also many fascinating places for you to visit, and each island has its own colourful history. From Nelson’s Dockyard in Antigua to Brimstone Hill Fortress in St. Kitts, these islands` riches have been fought over for many centuries. But it’s not all about beaches, there’s plenty to do besides sunbathing. From jeep safaris through tropical rainforest in St. Lucia, to swimming with stingrays in Grand Cayman, or horse riding in Jamaica, every day offers new possibilities. You might watch for whales and dolphins, go river tubing or even traverse through the jungle canopy to gain a bird’s eye view. Shop at local markets, try snorkelling or scuba diving. Enjoy the local rum punch and adopt the ‘no worries’ attitude of the locals. Whether you are a sports fanatic, nature lover, sun-worshipper or water baby, the Caribbean has no other rival on earth for natural beauty and fun in the sun.

With its wonderful blend of natural and man-made attractions, each island can offer you a totally different experience. With a different island almost every day, you can really embrace the diversity of this wonderful region.

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