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The location of the bird house is important

Besides having to adjust to new sounds and sights, there is also a need to find a new home. It should be warm in the winters and cool in the summers.

A fully functional decorative bird house should have separate roosting or nesting cavities, preferably with protected entry holes at each end as well as nest holders with vent holes at the base to maintain stable temperatures.

The location of the bird house is important.A decorative bird house, made from wood or metal, provides shelter during ferocious storms and at times where there are strong or heavy winds. As such, in addition to being water resistant, a good decorative bird house should also be durable and well built.

Next, there must be ventilation holes such as a chimney shaped funnel at the top and drainage holes at the bottom of a good decorative bird house.

Some of the decorative bird houses are beautifully constructed, with elaborately painted ornate moldings, flashes of colourful window trimmings along with a swooping turret roof and fanciful openings that allows viewing from the outside.

There is a wide range with many types and variations of bird houses available. In addition, there should be a properly sized entrance hole and entry guard in it that keeps predators out.

Springtime is usually the nesting season for birds. The varieties of birds will bring life and add a touch of charm to the place with their flashes of colours and chirpy songs.

A good decorative bird house, which may range from Victorian styles to modern space satellites, should have most of the following important features that combines safety, security and easy access. With a little imagination, hang some unique decorative bird houses in the garden or yard. Their exterior should be painted with a weather-resistant finish of non-toxic paints.

In addition, an outdoor decorative bird house should have a sturdy and solid PVC skirting board Suppliers wood construction. Many bird owners are now opting for the elaborately hand painted decorative bird houses, which comes in a variety of themes such as an ark, lighthouses, lodges or wood cabins. It should have either an easy-open front or a latched backdoor with louvers for ventilation and drainage holes. As such, it should be equipped with side cleanouts that is easily removed. There is a choice of materials such as natural cedar, exterior grade ply-board or kin dried hardwood to endure many years of service. It may be hung at the garden or yard and there should not be a perch by the entrance as it may encourage natural predators such as cats.

Bird houses create a safe haven for the birds and protect them from natural harm and disasters. Although most birds are amazingly resilient, it can be a stressful experience whenever they move to a new place. They should be thoroughly cleaned at least once or twice a year to prevent nest parasites.

The decorative bird houses should be easy to clean

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